The lights Uhu, Flamingo and Scotch are not items of furniture, instead they are figures. Their forms are influenced by the work of Ettore Sottsass, John Hejduk and Vaughn Bodé. They are part of our architectural world of ideas. The lights are angled, welded and stove enamelled by metalworkers in the same way as the handrails, letter boxes and canopies of our buildings.

The luminous yellow of Uhu is a colour in German industrial production. The mint green of Scotch and the pink of Flamingo are colours from global commodity culture – they echo American automobiles and soft ice cream in Swiss agglomerations.

Uhu, Scotch and Flamingo loiter like roadside bandits. They lean up against a wall or perch there on a table. They are neither part of the room nor part of the interior. Instead, they occupy an intermediary space.

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