The complete renovation of a building in the Zurich district of Aussersihl with nine small apartments and two commercial spaces, dating from the early twentieth century, was to be carried out with minor interventions in the ground-plan structure in order to meet the client’s goal of continuing to offer small apartments at favourable rents.

During the inspection of the existing building, we noticed that the good-quality, neat façade was in sharp contrast to the interior of the building, which had become characterless following several phases of insensitive renovation.

The idea was to breathe new energy into the apartments by renovating the bathrooms and kitchens, which would radiate into the rest of the apartment and give it an overall freshness and energy. The aim was to give the modest apartments their own special splendour.

Rhythmic striped patterns on the floor and walls made of ordinary stoneware tiles, coloured entrance doors, and staircase steps with a bright green Pirelli floor covering give the building’s interior a new sparkle and express the owner’s appreciation for the tenants. On the outside, the soft tonality of the façade has been restored, with only the bright green windows and doors in the base giving a hint that the building has been given a new lease of life.

Location: Zürich, Schweiz
Programme: 9 unit apartment building
Client: Stiftung PWG
Net Surface: 852 m2
Project Status: Built