Lieb Beach House, Venturi and Rauch, Loveladies, New Jersey, 1967

The Lieb Beach House has always been one of our favourite Venturi buildings. “Small in size, but not small in character”1 the Lieb Beach House exudes the essence of casual life. Like any of Venturi's buildings the Lieb Beach House is the result of a wonderful transformation of the normal into the particular. It is a small and delicate building with a number of sturdy large-scale architectural elements. Its architecture looks at history as a cultural reference yet its sensibility is Pop.

We are not interested in framing architecture as a historic collective memory. When we look at the work of Michelangelo it seems to us as fresh today as it was at the time it was built. For us as well as for Venturi architecture is the language of form. The means of expression have changed over time – but not its content.

1 “It may be small in size, but it’s not small in character.”
Robert Gotkin, current owner

Client: Chicago Architecture Biennial
Model scale: 1/7.5
Material: Foamboard, cardboard, paper and ink-jet prints
Size: 165x122x105 cm